Stethoscope and heart on blue background, top view

Stand Tall Walk Strong

Stand tall walk strong is a campaign we put together for September which is PAD awareness month. PAD stands for peripheral arterial disease.

As a vascular surgeon and father of five, I have learned how important it is to stand tall and walk strong in all aspects of my life ,personal professional, spiritual and emotional. We live in a society today where there are multiple attacks on the family and on us as Christians . It’s a feel-good society where many want to believe that there are no absolute truths. Our faith ,our beliefs and our God given rights are under attack. As Christians we know how important it is not to be lukewarm. In this time more than ever we need to stand tall and walk strong not only in our words but also in our actions. I have recently read a very good book entitled Adam returns. The author states there are five facts that apply to all of us.

1. Life is hard
2.I am not that important
3. I was put on his earth not for myself but to serve God and others
4. I am not in control
5. I will die

With these facts as a Compass we need not fear anything . Just like in nature , in our spiritual lives there are absolute truths. We all need to stand tall and walk strong and live our faith boldly.

In my professional life as a vascular surgeon I have dealt with the ravages of peripheral vascular disease over the last 20 years. PAD affects 10 to 12 million Americans. People who are affected by PAD have a decreased quality-of-life , a shorter lifespan and are at risk for a limb loss.

Medicine also has its truths. When it comes to PAD it’s extremely important that each individual know their risk factors. Individuals with hypertension, hypercholesterolemia , diabetes and who smoke are much higher risk for developing peripheral arterial disease. People that have peripheral arterial disease are much higher risk of having strokes and cardiac death. PAD is a systemic process. If your arteries in your legs are blocked up there is a much higher likelihood that your arteries to your heart and to your brain are also blocked up.

PAD usually manifests as muscular pain with ambulation. It is a disease that is often undiagnosed however. Many individuals do not walk far enough or fast enough for the symptoms to show. That is why it is extremely important if you or a loved one has the above mentioned risk factors that you get evaluated. People affected by PAD are often unable to fully enjoy and celebrate their lives, physically , emotionally and spiritually.

At txkvascular , we offer comprehensive vascular evaluation and treatment. We have an accredited vascular lab with on-site testing. We have skilled nurses , skilled vascular techs, and skilled nurse practitioners who in combination with me are extremely adept at evaluating and detecting underlying PAD.

I have devoted my professional medical life to the treatment of vascular disease. Since finishing my vascular fellowship at New York University in 1999 I have soley performed vascular surgery over the last 20 years. I still believe it is a privilege to be a physician.

If you or a loved one has PAD or risk factors for PAD please contact us so we can help you continue to stand tall and walk strong.